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Health is more than just the absence of disease. It involves the whole of the human being. Physical, emotional, environmental, social, existential, and mental health, all together, create our health. Personal health is both a consequence of and an influence on the quality of our lives. The way we view our health and the things we are capable of impact and influence the decisions we make. These decisions either add to or take away from our health. 

Precision nutrition 6 elements of deep health

It is an unpopular opinion at the beginning of the year, but health is more than our workouts and dietary habits.  

The beginning of every year marks the ritual of defining all the things we do as “good” or “bad” and setting a goal or “resolution” to do all the things right all the time. This kind of mindset is all or nothing, there is no room for error, and most fail. When we cannot achieve perfection and do the impossible, we feel bad for not being able to accomplish the task we set for ourselves. Continuous failure, even when our goals are unrealistic, creates a cycle of shame, blame, and regret that goes on and on until the following year rolls around, and we want to give it another try.  

As a health coach and a gym owner, I advocate for moving our bodies with intention, overcoming challenges, and nourishing our bodies with high-quality food. I also understand that there is more to life than meal prepping and lifting weights. Here are some things to consider when making lifestyle changes that should lead to improved health and happiness. 

  1. What does a healthy life look like to you? 

  2. What activities do you enjoy? 

  3. What freedom do you want to have in your life? 

I like to ask people these questions at the beginning of our coaching journey because it helps them understand the things they value in life, and sometimes the simplest things are the most important. 

  1. What skills does the future version of you have that you do not currently possess? 

Investigating your current skills versus the skills of the person you want to become is an excellent exercise because it is a way of working backward. Knowing that your lifestyle change may be within reach can also be motivating. 

  1. What actions can you take daily to build the skills necessary to be the healthier version of yourself?

  2. What are you ready, willing, and able to do? 

Sometimes the goals we think we should make don’t align with what we are ready, willing, or able to do. That means it is time to reevaluate the goal and set ourselves up for success rather than disappointment. Instead of striving to be perfect, aim for small actions you can consistently make. Once an action item feels almost as easy as breathing, add another one. Actions accumulate and build skills over time that create long-lasting and meaningful change. 

I heard someone say that we eat an elephant one bite at a time, and making behavior changes is precisely the same. When setting goals, be specific, realistic, and intentional. Set specific days and times that fit into your life to move your body, read a book, or take other actions that align with your goals. Be 90% confident that you will stick to the action items you set for yourself and create an accountability system. Goals should be measurable so you can see your progress. Remember that life happens. Sometimes we cannot accomplish our daily tasks. Having a backup plan for another day or time is okay to fit in your action items. Never give up; only adjust. 

As you move through your journey, seek guidance when necessary. Ask your friends and family for support because it takes a village. Surround yourself with people who support your growth. Remember, progress is cumulative, not linear. Some days you may not feel as great as you do on others, so learn to capitalize on the days that give you more.



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