Teen Summer Programs

Teen strength & conditioning classes in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Our expert coaches use a combination of age-appropriate training techniques and equipment to build strong and healthy teens.

Our Teen Summer Training Programs

Our summer training programs are designed to help teens develop a lifelong love of health and fitness in a fun, supportive environment. Through engaging activities, teens will build the strength they need to stay injury-free, whether they’re on the field or just enjoying an active summer. Research shows regular exercise can boost mood, reduce anxiety, and keep growing bodies strong. This program is the perfect way for teens to feel fantastic and reach their full potential!

Strength & Power

Build a strong foundation. Our program incorporates exercises that target major muscle groups, developing explosive power and reducing the risk of injuries throughout the summer and beyond.

Speed & Agility

Sharpen those reflexes. Your teen will refine their speed, agility, and coordination through drills and exercises, boosting their performance in any sport or activity they love.

Teamwork & Leadership

Foster lasting connections. Our program fosters a supportive environment where teens learn to work together, communicate effectively, and develop leadership skills that translate to all aspects of life.

Healthy Habits & Mentality

Fuel success from within. We integrate healthy habits and a positive fitness mentality. Teens will learn about proper nutrition, recovery techniques, and the importance of a growth mindset for achieving their goals.


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