5 Steps to get Started on Anything in Life

We have all been there before. We decide we’re finally going to start that project that we have been thinking about for months. We hype ourselves up, but right before we start or a couple of weeks after, we push it to the side for whatever reason, and that cycle continues. I know this has happened to me plenty of times, and I still catch myself doing this occasionally. However, when I look back at the things that I’ve accomplished in my life, I find that I’ve done five tasks  in each situation to help me accomplish my goal:

Choose something that you yourself want to get accomplished

What do YOU want to accomplish? Find the details for this question. Assess certain characteristics of your goals: timeline, resources, and specificity. The more you research, the more likely you will follow through with your new journey. To get to your destination, you are going to need a map. Also, the more personable you make your goals, the more you sacrifice because it means something more.


Make a plan AND Learn to manage your time

Make a plan. Write it down on paper or type it on your electronic device of choice. Physically getting these ideas out of your head by blending words together in bullet points and sentences creates a deeper connection and understanding of your goal. Make a timeline and dedicate certain days or times to focus on taking steps closer to your goal. This will also help with your time management skills as you break down the whole into its pieces. 

Make it easy on yourself

Remember to go at your own pace and make it easy on yourself. Find your intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. With intrinsic motivation, you are satisfied by what you value learning during this process; extrinsically, you seek a reward. Remember when you were in grade school studying for a big test? Was the reason why you were studying for that big test because you wanted to learn the material, earn praise from your teacher, earn money or gifts from your parents, or simply pass the class? Whatever motivated you then will more than likely motivate you now. Take this idea and apply it to your game plan.

Talk to other people about what you wish to accomplish

Speak it into existence! You have already written it out; now, let’s hear it. Talk to others about what you want to accomplish. Tell people you trust will check up on your process and keep you accountable. The more you talk about it, the more motivated you will be to keep working on it. Others are cheering you on!

Remember to celebrate

Every step taken is one step closer to your desired goal. Remember to celebrate small accomplishments! Rewarding yourself along the way creates a positive outlook on your journey. You have even put in the hard work to start this process, so now that you are making strides, it is beneficial to treat yourself. Have intention behind your reward system. Whether it is ice cream or a hot bath, remember that you deserve it. 

Time to ignite the fire. If you have a passion to start something, go for it. You are the pilot to your destination. Going after your goals starts with tiny steps. Enjoy the process as you strategize your path to success. You will learn a lot about yourself in the process.



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